Create dynamic and interactive digital catalogs in no time.

Easily create dynamic and interactive digital catalogs

Create professional digital catalogs quickly and impress your clients with an unparalleled immersive experience.

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Comparison of key features

Explore the unique benefits that make Omnibook
a must-have in the world of digital publishing.

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Choose from our catalog templates

Discover our wide selection of professional catalog templates to find the one that suits your needs and brand image. Easily customize the chosen template to highlight your products and business.

Quick, intuitive, and professional creation

With our tool, create digital catalogs quickly and simply. With an intuitive interface, drag and drop design and functionality components to create elegant and effective layouts. You don't need to be an expert in design or technology to create professional quality catalogs.

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Automate the design process
of your catalogs

Effortlessly integrate all your product data and generate exceptional digital catalogs with a single click. With Omnibook, you can simply copy and paste your Excel tables to create professional-quality catalogs in just minutes. Take advantage of an automated catalog creation process to save time and enhance efficiency

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Share and distribute
your digital catalogs easily

Maximize the impact and efficiency of your digital catalogs to optimize the online visibility and reach of your business. You can easily share and distribute them with a single click, post them on your preferred social media platforms, or embed them on your website for greater visibility. Improve your online business performance with this method.

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Legible catalogs on every screen

Thanks to Omnibook's responsive technology, your catalogs provide a fast and intuitive navigation experience that automatically adapts to all screen sizes. Without the need for any specific action on your part, you effectively engage the growing audience of smartphone and tablet users.

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Omnibook: more than just a creation tool

Update your documents in real-time with Omnibook

Experience total autonomy and optimal responsiveness with Omnibook. Update your documents in real-time, even after they have been shared or distributed.

Consultation statistics
Track the impact of your digital documents with Omnibook

Measure the performance of your catalogs, reports, brochures, and newsletters using Omnibook's statistical tool. Adapt your publication strategy for maximum impact on your audience. Try it now!

Online & offline
Access your documents anywhere, anytime with Omnibook!

With or without an internet connection, Omnibook allows you to access your documents anytime, anywhere. Stay connected to your creations.

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Omnibook Frequently Asked Questions

Omnibook is a tool for editing and creating dynamic, interactive and responsive digital catalogs.

Omnibook lets you create highly interactive digital catalogs, which can be easily embedded on your website or shared with your customers via links or QR codes. You can also follow the analysis of the performance of your digital catalogs and optimize your marketing strategy.

Yes, Omnibook allows you to customize your digital catalogs according to your needs. You can add your logo, choose colors and fonts, and arrange products to optimize presentation.

Simply copy and paste the code provided by Omnibook into your website to integrate your digital catalog. You can also share your digital catalog with your customers via links or QR codes.

Yes, Omnibook provides detailed performance analytics for every digital catalog you create. You can track views, product clicks, play times, and more. This information allows you to optimize your marketing strategy.

Yes, Omnibook is fully responsive which means you can use it on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Yes, you can import your products into Omnibook using a CSV spreadsheet. This facilitates the creation of your digital catalog.

Omnibook actually allows catalog layouts to adapt automatically to all screen sizes, providing a responsive experience without having to create multiple separate versions.

Absolutely ! You can export your catalog from the Omnibook interface, either in native format or in PDF. In addition, when exporting, "hidden" content such as tooltips, popovers or modal windows, as well as dynamic elements such as videos and carousels, are automatically included in the export.

Indeed, it is possible to copy and paste an Excel table directly into Omnibook. The system automatically takes care of adapting its design according to the chosen layout, while also making it responsive for a better experience on different devices.

Absolutely ! With the "lightbox" option applied to each image during editing, readers have the ability to enlarge images with a single click and zoom in using their device's zoom features, whether mouse wheel or touch gestures.

Indeed, Omnibook offers a direct integration of YouTube videos using the "iframe" module. Thanks to this feature, you can avoid cluttering your catalog by integrating the videos directly, while providing an optimal user experience. Additionally, videos can be viewed locally through the Omnibook app, provided you have an internet connection.

Distributing your Omnibook catalog is extremely simple. All you have to do is share the catalog URL via email, on your website or on social media. In this way, your customers will be able to access the catalog, bookmark it, share it, download it or print it according to their needs.

Once you have updated your catalog, your customers can automatically access it through the URL already shared, your website, your social networks, or even from the downloaded Omnibook application. This means you can ensure that your customers always have access to the most up-to-date information, without requiring further action on their part.

Absolutely! Omnibook offers an advanced feature called "ACL" (Access Control List) which allows you to restrict access to your catalog only to specific contacts. This option allows you to identify the contacts authorized to access the catalog, thus preventing them from permanently appropriating its content or sharing it, even if they download the version via the Omnibook application. Thus, you have full control over the distribution and confidentiality of your catalog.

The complete solution for creating all your publications

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