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A dynamic and interactive training catalog

'Zero paper' objective for the City of Geneva

A decade ago, the Human Resources Department as well as the Department of Finance, Environment and Housing of the City of Geneva requested our expertise for the digitization of several of their annual publications. This initiative was part of a policy aimed at eliminating all paper versions. Among these publications was an exhaustive catalog of training available for all staff, classified by category.

The problem

The City of Geneva's training catalog plays a central role in its internal communication, particularly with regard to corporate social responsibility. The digital overhaul of this catalog represented a major challenge, requiring the commitment of all staff, regardless of their age or professional category. With this in mind, we have designed a catalog meeting a variety of needs:

  • An attractive and evolving design, adapted from one year to the next for an always modern visual experience.
  • Intuitive navigation, including a filtering and search system based on specific criteria to facilitate the search for training courses.
  • Direct access to contacts for each training course.
  • The ability for users to download a training sheet in PDF format, for later consultation or easy printing.
  • The bookmarking feature, allowing users to save training courses of interest for quick access later.
  • Compatibility with all types of devices, screens and systems, accessible online or via download, guaranteeing an optimal user experience regardless of the means of access.
  • An annual update without modification of the access URL, ensuring continuity of access to users without requiring a change in their habits.
  • Synchronization of updates for users who have downloaded the catalog, ensuring they always have the most up-to-date information, even when offline.

On the administration side, it was necessary to allow the training department manager to update certain content manually, while automating the management of all training thanks to the import of a database.

Training catalog

'The formats offered by Omnibook have allowed us to boost our digital publications and increase their impact. We particularly appreciated the personalized and “tailor-made” support received for the design of an interactive catalog based on our specific needs .'


'Being able to easily update our content independently is very valuable.'

Romain Bishoff

Head of the training department of the City of Geneva

Training catalog

The service

A model halfway between a brochure and a web application

Our service resulted in a hybrid model, part-brochure, part-web application, which combines free, manually updated content with dynamic content relating to all training courses. This includes search, filter and save to favorites features, which are updated via database import.

Intranet access

In order to facilitate access reserved for City of Geneva staff, the training catalog is now integrated into the existing intranet, with an unreferenced URL. In addition, it is also accessible via a QR code appearing on internal posters. Thanks to the annual update on the Omnibook platform, it is possible to easily replace the published version without modifying access.

Offline and synchronized access

Finally, for staff members traveling or working outdoors, the online catalog can be downloaded and remains synchronized with annual updates, allowing offline consultation on a smartphone or tablet using the Omnibook application.

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