Analyze the impact of your publications

Discover the power of analytics with Omnibook

Measure the impact of your publications using Omnibook, much more than a simple platform for creating and distributing digital content. With its advanced analysis tools, precisely monitor the behavior of your readers and optimize your communication strategy.

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Omnibook Analytics
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Identify your audience's interests

Publications generated by Omnibook offer detailed page-by-page analysis, unlike simple PDFs. By structuring your documents in a relevant way, instantly identify the topics that captivate your audience and thus improve your impact with ease.

Evaluate your ROI in communication

Investing in communication can sometimes seem abstract. However, Omnibook not only allows you to innovate your publications, expanding your audience to smartphone and tablet users, but also to precisely quantify the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

Identify your readers on all media

If you persist in using outdated formats such as PDFs or flip books, without adaptation for different browsers and devices, you risk losing a significant part of your audience without knowing it.

With Omnibook, create automatically responsive content that is readable across media and systems, online and offline, while accurately measuring reads across various devices and browsers, such as Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, as well as Safari, Chrome or Edge.