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About Culturethèque

For more than 10 years, Culturethèque has been an essential platform within the French cultural network abroad, playing a crucial role in promoting French-speaking culture by making it accessible to a wide audience. It provides tens of thousands of online resources.

The Challenge

This customer case concerns the 'Institut français' and its digital media library, Culturethèque, which offers a wide choice of digital books and audiobooks. The main challenge lay in the need to make reading this content accessible on all media and systems, while maintaining specific access restrictions to their user database.


Guillaume Favier, project manager at the 'Institut français', expresses this problem in these terms:

"I was looking for an online software/application to be able to distribute books and other digital works to users of our online library. Our request was quite atypical at that time because it was necessary to combine access restriction to our only user database and flexibility of digital publications to be distributed (interactive content, presence of audio and video, voice reading and full-text search).

By looking for the rare gem I had lost hope but when I presented my request to Omnibook, their teams listened patiently and came back to me very quickly with the perfect solution.

This is how, thanks to the Omnibook team, we have been able to make interactive works available to hundreds of thousands of French-speaking readers to enable them, via our Culturethèque digital library, to practice their French and even continue to use it. learn."


“The icing on the cake is that even following our particular request, the Omnibook solution continued to evolve and update and allowed us to benefit from ever more interactive online reading tools. "

Guillaume Favier

Project manager at the 'Institut français'

The service

A universal web reader, in the colors of Culturethèque

The first batch includes the supply to Culturethèque of a white-label Omnibook web reader, personalized according to Culturethèque's design. This e-reader is designed for reading all EPUB formats, offering both a dynamic reformatting mode and a fixed layout mode, accessible on all devices and operating systems. In addition, it is specifically adapted for reading audiobooks, thanks to a media overlay system: a soundtrack that is automatically triggered when the pages are opened.

An administrator interface for loading works and metadata information

L'administrateur des ouvrages de la plateforme Culturethèque se connecte à son compte Omnibook pour y téléverser les ouvrages aux formats EPUB, PDF et audiobooks. Il bénéficie d'une interface dédiée lui permettant de renseigner les métadonnées spécifiques à chaque ouvrage, essentielles à sa gestion sur la plateforme Culturethèque : vignette, extrait, langue, auteur, pays de diffusion, etc. Toutes ces informations sont automatiquement transmises à la plateforme Culturethèque via des appels API.

Full copyright protection

Copyright protection represents a crucial issue for publishers who entrust their works to the Culturethèque platform. To address this concern, security of access via authentication as well as the overall security of the Omnibook platform have been reinforced. In addition, an automatic blocking mechanism for copy/paste functions has been put in place for all works posted online, thus guaranteeing additional protection against unauthorized reproduction.

An authentication system for reader access

The implementation of this authentication via API guarantees that only customers authorized by the Culturethèque platform have access to the works. This measure is essential to prevent the distribution of works to unauthorized persons and to ensure the protection of copyright.

Simple creation of audiobooks

In addition to its reading services, online upload automation and access security, Omnibook also offers a dedicated model allowing book chapters to be aggregated in MP3 format.


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